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I loved the boy with the utmost love of which my soul is capable of and he is taken from me - yet in the agony of my spirit in surrendering such a treasure, I feel a thousand times richer than if I had never possessed it. Wiliam Wordsworth

 This memorial was created in honor of our precious baby boy, Noah Daniel Morell,  who blessed our lives on November 8, 2007.  He became an angel in heaven on February 5, 2008.  Although he left us too soon, we will miss and love him for eternity.  Until we see you again, be safe in the arms of God... 









~Noah Daniel Morell~

Nov. 8, 2007-Feb. 5, 2008

 This is baby angel Noah's rock in Leah's Angel Rock Garden.

I hope this brings a small measure of comfort knowing your little angel is in the hearts of so many. God Bless you and Thank you for all the candles and rememberances of Leah. We love our angels.   Aunt Jo

(Thank you for this Jo, Aunt to precious angel Leah Avril)













Little Angels

When God calls little children to dwell with Him above,

We mortals sometime question the wisdom of His love.

For no heartache compares with the death of one small child

Who does so much to make our world, seem wonderful and mild.

Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to His fold

So He picks a rosebud, before it can grow old.

God knows how much we need them, and so He takes but a few

To make the land of Heaven more beautiful to view.

Believing this is difficult, still somehow we must try.

The saddest word mankind knows will always be "goodbye",

So when a little child departs, we who are left behind,

Must realize God loves children, and

Angels are hard to find.

~author unknown


















 Tiny Angel

Tiny Angel rest your wings, sit with me for awhile

How I long to hold your hand, and see your tender smile.

Tiny Angel, look at me, I want this image clear...

That I will forget your precious face, is my biggest fear.

Tiny Angel can you tell me, why you have gone away?

You weren't here for very long...

Why is it, you couldn't stay?

Tiny Angel shook his head,

"These things I do not know...

But I do know that you love me,

And that I love you so".

~author unknown








Touched by Gold



I was thinking how different life is for me

And about the things that will never be

To watch you grow into that fine, young man

For me, is now, not part of the plan.



I realize that my life will never be the same

Even though I carry on with life's little game

I can't go back to where I was before,

That part of my life is now a closed door.



But in spite of the pain I must endure

I want you to know one thing for sure

I wouldn't trade places with any other on earth

And I'm proud to be the one who gave you birth.



I live with tragedy and sorrow, that's true

But also a great love have I shared with you

For you've touched my heart as no other could

And in your memory there will come some good.



For you've left a purpose for your Mom and Dad

To let others know of the son we had

I want you to know your story will be told

And others will know I've been touched by gold.













Special thanks to Katie Castillo for her generosity and for allowing me to use her beautiful graphic elements on Noah's site: